Top Five Best Burgers in the Chicago Suburbs

Sure, Chicago is known for its pizza, but that's only because locals keep its true delicacy a secret: burgers! You won't find a better burger this side of the states. But if you try to google what options there are, you'll only see some of the bigger guys--not the restaurants owned by the moms and pops that made this city what it is today. Fortunately, we've got the inside scoop on the best burger joints around the suburbs.

From Buffalo Grove to Naperville, we'll explore the definitive top five best burgers in the Chicago suburbs. These eateries are so good, you'll want to spread the word to everyone you know. But a surprising little secret about the number one burger joint just might have you keeping this hidden gem all to yourself!

5. Superdawg Drive In

Devilishly good burgers and dogs with eclectic retro charm

Menu Highlights

  • the Superburger
  • the Whoopercheesie
  • the Superdawg, of course

Why We Love It

For a restaurant whose mascot and namesake is a hot dog, you wouldn't expect much of their burgers. And many of those passing through Wheeling, Illinois take the opportunity to stop at this electric drive-in to sample a world-famous Chicago dog. But locals know that Superdawg's burgers are where it's at. Maybe Superdawg is starting to be a little on the touristy side, but you can't pass up on their iconic 100% beef patty that's grilled to perfection. They get bonus points for including relish, too.

The Bottom Line

According to their menu, the Superburger "will make you forget any burger you have ever eaten." But reviewers suggest going straight for the Whoopercheesie--that's slang for cheeseburger, apparently. If you're looking for the All American, quintessential burger, it's been keeping Superdawg in business since 1948.

4. Burger City

Juicy burgers, unique combinations

Menu Highlights

  • Bourbon burger
  • the "Egg that Burger!"
  • Beyond burger

Why We Love It

If you're in the neighborhood of Lisle, you've got to stop at this place. They have some top-notch quality beef. Their burgers are equal parts juicy and hearty, and they have several witty combinations to choose from. You'll really enjoy their bourbon burger, which features caramelized onions and their house bourbon sauce.

The Bottom Line

This tucked-away burger joint has a little bit of something for everyone. They also offer halal meat upon request and vegetarian/vegan substitutes, such as the Impossible and Beyond brand burgers.

3. Jackson Avenue Pub

Low key spot for drinks, burgers, and other pub fare.

Menu Highlights

  • the Goodfella burger
  • the Drunken Pear burger
  • the Country Bloomin' burger

Why We Love It

Jackson Ave Pub is a staple of Naperville's downtown area. Although it brands itself as a pub, it truly does have a low-key, high-class ambiance. You'll enjoy sampling their generous array of craft beers, but don't stop by this place without trying some of their critically acclaimed burgers. Feeling adventurous? Try the Drunken Pear burger. Their signature all-beef patty is topped with a generous helping of goat cheese and a pear poached in bourbon. It's salty, it's sweet, it's all things umami.

The Bottom Line

This town pub is so popular, their owners opened spinoff locations in Wheaton and Glen Ellyn. Their menus are slightly different, but they both feature the iconic Jackson Ave burger. You can even get location exclusive versions, like Hale Street Cantina's El Jefe Burger (which combines a fried egg, tortilla strips, queso, bacon, and genuine Chihuahua cheese.

No nonsense burgers stacked as high as the Willis Tower.

(Location is Temporarily Closed, Please check their website for updates)

courtesy of IG: @edzosburgershop

Menu Highlights

  • The Spicy Sconnie burger
  • Double-Double Animal Style burger
  • Singled Griddled burger

Why We Love It

Everyone knows not to reinvent the wheel, so why try and reinvent the burger? The folks over at Edzo's burger shop offer no-nonsense, frill-free burgers. That doesn't mean they don't work some magic into the mix, because the griddled burgers are fantastic. The patties have a delicious char and slight caramelization, although be sure not to fill up on their practically infinite french fry combinations. But if your stomach is indeed bigger than your eyes, consider doubling or even tripling up your burger.

The Bottom Line

Did we mention that these burgers are award-winning? The Spicy Sconnie features three spicy condiments: mayo, ketchup, and Merkt's cheddar cheese spread (if you know, you know). Coupled with onion, lettuce, and charred jalapeños, this burger is definitely award-worthy.

1. Asadoras Argentinas Burgers

Oswego's best-kept secret hidden in an unassuming cafe!

Menu Highlights

  • Temptation burger
  • Criolla burger
  • Specialty burger

Why We Love It

Succulent, juicy, mouth-watering. These words don't do Asadoras justice. Burgers are considered an All-American kind of food. Could a small, unassuming Argentinian cafe truly have the best burgers in all of Chicago? The answer is overwhelmingly yes! The Temptation burger is aptly named. Tangy barbecue sauce meets crispy bacon and sweet caramelized onions. The Criolla burger seems to be the fan-favorite, though. After all, it does have vibrant salsa Criolla, fresh mozzarella, and a unique chimichurri mayonnaise. These unique combinations were just meant to be. Asadoras Argentinas' cuisine is everything that Chicago is proud to be: a melting pot of decadent flavors from all over the world that come together right in the windy city.

The Bottom Line

Things we can thank Argentina for Pope Francis, Lionel Messi, and the inspiration for Chicago's best suburban burger joint.

You'll Flip Out On These Burgers

The people have spoken: Oswego is the neighborhood that lays claim to the best burger in Chicago's suburb. Now that you know, try not to spill the beans. Before you know it, the place will either be packed out or worse--move downtown. If you really want to take advantage of this amazing eatery, consider moving to Oswego. It's on the up and up for its Main Street USA charm and fantastic real estate deals. You can see the top ten Chicago suburbs here--but hurry, they're filling fast.

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