Top 10 Safest Chicago Suburbs 

It's not just about finding a safe place to live. It's about finding a place where you can truly feel at ease and let your guard down. A place where you don't have to constantly look over your shoulder or worry about yo

ur children playing outside. It's about finding a community where you can build a life, create memories, and feel like you belong.


As real estate agents and residents of Illinois, safety is always at the top of our minds. After all, home is where you should feel most secure. That's why we have decided to take a closer look at the safest suburbs in Chicago.  But this isn't your average or typical "top 10" list from


Instead, we started by collecting raw crime data from law enforcement agencies in the state of Illinois. We narrowed our search down to Suburbs within a 40-mile radius of the Chicago loop with a population of over 20,000 people. Then, we looked at the rates of violent and property crime in each of these suburbs to come up with our list of the safest suburbs in Chicago.


So, whether you're a young family with children or a retiree looking for a peaceful place to call home, join us as we explore our Top 10 list of the safest suburbs in Chicago.

 Be sure to check out our safe Chicago suburbs data to make an informed decision about which neighborhood to settle in.

10. Homer Glen

Homer Glen is a flourishing suburban city located in northeastern Will County, just 25 miles from Downtown Chicago. With two interchanges with I-355 along the western border, it offers convenient and swift access to all of Chicago's major expressways and airports!


Homer Glen is an ideal location with a unique combination of open space, eye-catching residential developments, and lively commercial roads that are promising and will continue growing.  On top of that, Homer Glen is incredibly safe, with a score of 80 - making it safer than 80% of US neighborhoods!

The population of about 24,000 people is gradually developing an identity and garnering recognition for its well-deserved reputation as one of the most secure communities in the country. In spite of this fame, Homer Glen still remains relatively unknown.


Homer Glen is an ideal destination for families seeking a fresh start, with plenty of newly constructed homes and generous lot sizes. If you're searching for homes that go beyond the typical cookie-cutter designs, look no further than Homer Glen. Not only does this city boast plenty of new construction projects, but it also offers residents several outstanding subdivisions that were created with family life in mind.

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9. Buffalo Grove

Buffalo Grove is an idyllic suburban neighborhood located just outside of Chicago. It has a safety score of 75, which is higher than 75% of US neighborhoods, and boasts a low violent crime rate of .12 per 1,000 residents and a property crime rate of 5.02 per 1,000 residents. For families, Buffalo Grove is a great choice. It is home to many parks, early childhood development programs, and athletics for young kids to get involved in. 


The commute to big cities, such as Chicago, is short, and the downtown area is perfect for those wanting an urban feel without the traffic. has ranked Buffalo Grove as the #2 Safest Suburb in the Chicago area, #2 Best Suburb to Live in, #2 Best Place to Raise a Family in Illinois, and #5 Place in America with the Best Public Schools. 


The rankings are based on crime rates, housing trends, diversity, quality of schools, cost of living, access to amenities, employment statistics, and overall quality of life, as well as reviews from residents. Buffalo Grove is truly a unique, desirable place to live, work and raise a family.

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8. Lisle

Once a hidden gem for those seeking to maximize their investment, Lisle is no longer an unspoiled secret. With its 82% increase in home appreciation since 2000 - significantly higher than the Chicago average - this village has become one of the best places to invest your hard-earned money and to call home. An impressive $440,000 is the current average cost of a single-family home.


You can be in the heart of Downtown Chicago, a mere 25 miles west of the city limits, within an impressive 35 minutes. The Lisle BNSF Metra station provides locals with a convenient and quick way to reach the city for work or pleasure.


The village of Lisle itself is also quite a delight, offering activities and amenities for all ages. The Morton Arboretum, an award-winning 1,700-acre public garden, is right in Lisle's backyard and provides a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The village also boasts numerous parks, trails, shopping centers, and golf courses - all within easy reach.


Young professionals seeking a flourishing job market with abundant amenities need not look further than Lisle, which has been recently ranked #4 in Best Places to Live by DuPage County and also named one of the #4 Best Suburbs for Young Professionals in Illinois!


Lisle's safety rating is 74, making it 74% safer than other neighborhoods across the nation. Whether you're just starting out in your career or you've been around the block once or twice, Lisle is an ideal place to live and work. With its excellent location and vibrant atmosphere, this village is sure to please!

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7. Plainfield


Located just 30 miles southwest of Chicago, nestled at the point where I-55 turns southward, lies a community overflowing with potential. Plainfield, Illinois, is the ideal place to settle down for many young families with children! Its unique combination of small-town living, big-city amenities, and excellent school system make it a sought-after location.


When selecting the perfect place to raise a family, an extensive range of considerations must be taken into account. These include but are not limited to access to everyday services and amenities, safety levels, top-notch educational facilities nearby, recreational activities in the area, and affordability.


Plainfield has it all; with a safety rating of 72, Plainfield is 72% safer than US neighborhoods across the nation. Another bonus is the excellent school systems both Plainfield High Schools are rated 9/10 by  Parents with young children will be sure to take advantage of the five preschools and four elementary schools that are available in Plainfield.


When it comes to recreational activities, Plainfield has something for everyone. From yearly community events to museums, parks, and trails, you’ll never be short of options! One of their most popular attractions is the historic downtown district, which offers a variety of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues.


Attracting new residents is effortless due to the availability of New Construction homes. This presents an amazing opportunity: build your own home or buy one that has just been built!

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6. Roselle

In 1855, Roselle was founded and named after the pioneering settler Rosell Hough, who worked to bring the Milwaukee Railroad through this area. It is said that Hough, being the president of Chicago and Pacific Railroad Company, used some of his funds to alter a land survey in order for it to show that a railroad line should traverse Roselle.


Only 30 miles west of Chicago, Roselle has gained acclaim for its first-rate livability. Situated in a desirable location, Roselle offers all the ingredients required for a meaningful life full of pleasure. Roselle boasts an impressive, above-average livability score of 58. The livability score considers education, crime, cost of living, and residents’ overall happiness, calculated as a predictive index by AARP


Roselle is also known for Lyn Fred Winery. Since 1979, Lynfred Winery has been standing strong and is the oldest, still-operating bonded winery in Illinois! Growing ever larger over time, this winery has become unrivaled in its size and influence across our state. Lynfred is proud to contribute to the vibrancy of Roselle's Town Center shopping district. Explore the incredible array of distinctive shops, restaurants, and even a microbrewery in downtown Roselle!


This lively society offers a variety of annual festivals that will create everlasting memories for everyone who attends. Roselle holds an annual parade, a rose festival, and even a taste of Roselle.


Roselle is an attractive option due to its affordable median single-family home price of $358,000. With a score of 71%, Roselle is significantly safer than the average US neighborhood - making it ideal for people looking to build lasting roots and raise their families in peace and security.


With its excellent public schools, low crime rate, and close proximity to downtown Chicago, Roselle is ideal for buyers seeking the desired Chicago suburbs lifestyle.

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5. Hanover Park

Nestled just 33 miles northwest from the bustling city of Chicago is an inviting and diverse village where everyone feels secure and accepted. Boasting 80 diverse nationalities and 30 languages spoken, Hanover Park proudly declares their new tagline as "America’s Global Village.” It is with joy that they proclaim themselves as America's melting pot!


Hanover Park stands out from the other Chicago northwest suburbs, as it is home to some of the youngest residents in the area, with a median age of 29.7 years old. Hanover Park is a lively, vibrant community that hums with the energy of youth. Everywhere you look in its neighborhoods are children playing and having fun!


It's simple to see why so many families decide to reside in Hanover Park. The overall safety score is 67, implying that it is safer than 67% of US neighborhoods. A family-friendly atmosphere makes this a perfect place for raising children!


You can be in Chicago via the Metra in 45 minutes. Hundreds of commuters board Metra commuter trains each weekday at the bustling Hanover Park commuter station, which has seen the fastest growth of any West Line station.


Hanover Park's Ontarioville neighborhood is set to assume the role of a village center through ongoing development projects. The area boasts ample green spaces, making it an attractive destination for those relocating to Chicago or simply seeking out nearby attractions and activities.


When compared to the median home price of $290,000 in Chicago, Hanover is an incredible deal, with its median home value coming in at only $260,000. This quaint town is a clear standout among its neighbors, offering unbeatable value!

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4. Mount Prospect

Located in Cook County, just 4 miles north of the well-known O'Hare International Airport and 20 miles northwest of downtown Chicago, It also offers easy access to Chicago, as it is only a short drive from the city. With the Metra Commuter Rail Union Pacific Northwest Line and PACE Bus Service, you can explore Chicago's vibrant downtown in just 35 minutes via highway!


Mount Prospect is an ideal location for those who want to live a secure and suburban lifestyle. According to the latest data, it has earned an impressive safety score of 66., making Mount Prospect safer than two-thirds of American neighborhoods across the nation!


What truly sets this area apart is:


Diversity- Mount Prospect is an exceptionally diverse village, and it welcomes people from many different cultures worldwide. The village assembles yearly for a joyous Celebration of Cultures at Kopps Park. Here you will be delighted to experience different languages, melodious music, captivating cultural booths, and Delicious food!


Outstanding Education- With an impressive rating of 8/10 on, Prospect High School stands out as one of the finest public high schools in the area. also commended it with a top #8 ranking on the list of best public high school teachers in Illinois! Mount Prospect School District stands out among its peers as a favored school district for students and families alike.


Affordable Housing- The median Sales price of Mount Prospect is approximately $345,000 for a single-family home. This figure is slightly higher than the median home price across the Chicagoland area yet offers incredible value for your money!

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3. Arlington Heights

Few people know why Arlington Heights is truly worth the hefty investment that was recently made by the Chicago Bears when they acquired Arlington Racecourse. Yet, just beyond their knowledge lies this suburban oasis of hidden wonder and potential.


Few are unaware Arlington has two train stations and a thriving downtown area. It's just 25 miles from the city of Chicago, and its Metra train station sees over 2,500 commuters per day! Arlington Heights is also located very close to O'Hare International Airport.


The village has a wide variety of housing throughout the area, with homes ranging from luxury condos to single-family dwellings. The median home price currently stands at $457,000 and has seen steady growth in recent years.


With its top-of-the-line educational facilities, Arlington Heights stands out as one of Illinois's premier public and private schooling locations. has given John Hersey High School an outstanding review – with the high school receiving a remarkable 8/10 score!

Arlington Heights is also home to the acclaimed Arlington Lake, a pitch-perfect place to go for fishing, boating, and even learning to sail. This stunning lake is the centerpiece of many exquisite parks located in the area.


No matter your reason for visiting or wanting to buy in Arlington Heights – luxurious yet affordable homes, excellent schools, and excellent outdoor recreational activities are just a few of this town's many unique features!


Arlington Heights stands out among its peers as an ideal village for newcomers, families, and professionals alike. With so much to offer and so much potential for growth, it's no wonder that Arlington Heights has become one of the most attractive suburbs in the Chicagoland area.

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2. Naperville


Naperville was recently recognized as the Safest City in America by Although an urban area in its own right, many think of Naperville as a suburb of Chicago due to the high number of commuters who travel to Chicago for work.


Naperville is an alluring city that captivates the hearts of many. With its rich history, it's no wonder Naperville has earned such a beloved reputation over the years. Through years of mindful development, Naperville has earned widespread acclaim as one of the premier cities to reside in across America. It comes as no surprise that the city is ranked #1 for raising a family, thanks to its superior public schools, which are among the best institutions in America.


Naperville proudly earns an impressive 83% safety score, which is above other all other national cities of its size. With 150,000 residents and such exemplary security ratings, Naperville stands out as one of the safest communities in America. Interestingly, the city has a diverse population, yet its cohesive culture results in low crime rates regardless of ethnicity.


Along with a comprehensive police force, Naperville employs an array of safety regulations that help maintain its low crime rate. Of course, the key to its success lies in the people themselves and the commitment of each resident.

Naperville was also named #2 as the best Chicago Suburb of 2022. If you want to learn more about these incredible suburbs, watch Living in Naperville, all about this incredible city.

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1. Bartlett

While many outsiders may be taken aback, the residents of Bartlett are aware that theirs is a secure neighborhood with an outstanding record over the years—Bartlett is a city that boasts an impressive safety score of 83, along with an incredibly low violent crime rate of merely .22 per 1,000 citizens.


The City of Bartlett was recently recognized as the ninth safest city in America by NeighborhoodScout, a real estate market data platform that independently analyzed reports from the FBI Crime Database.


Nestled 37 miles North West of the Chicago Loop. Bartlett is known for the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir temple, dozens of lakes and ponds, and the Villa Olivia resort with golfing and skiing.


Bartlett, IL, offers a high quality of life with endless possibilities for entertainment and employment. Here you can experience first-hand the truth behind its motto: History, harmony, pride." If relocating to Bartlett is in your plans - get ready! You have so much to look forward to!


For the unparalleled level of safety and quality of life, investing just over $400,000 in a single-family home is truly worth it. Houses tend to go fast in Bartlett, with many people looking to move into their new homes quickly.


In addition to decent home prices, the cost of living in Bartlett is highly affordable, making it a great option for those looking for an amazing place to call home at an unbeatable price.

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