Top 10 Northwest Chicago Suburbs


Ready to dive deep into the hidden treasures of the Top 10 Northwest Chicago Suburb landscape? Gear up! We're going through the top 10 most magnetic and desirable Northwest suburbs. 


Picure this: idyllic streets, top-tier schools, lively local hubs, and pockets of nature's tranquility, all waiting for you. Delve into their unique charms, experience their individual offerings, and envision your future home nestled in these warm-hearted neighborhoods. Whether you're an ambitious young professional, a growing family, or a retiree on the quest for a peaceful haven, there's a suburb here tailored just for you. 


So strap in, and let's set off on a captivating expedition of the Top 10 Northwest Chicago Suburbs! 

10. Itasca - A Jewel Among Suburbs


Securing the tenth spot on our countdown is the charming suburb of Itasca, with a median single-family home sales price of $380K. Nestled in DuPage County and boasting a population of 9,623, Itasca offers the best of both worlds—a unique blend of urban sophistication with suburban serenity. 


The appeal of Itasca lies not just in its beautifully maintained parks and a plethora of dining options but in its sense of community. It's where homes are predominantly owner-occupied, the ambiance is family-centric, and the political landscape leans conservative.


The Village of Itasca further shines with its impressively low tax rates, exemplifying an unwavering commitment to quality living and robust business support. It's geographically poised at a sweet spot—just five miles west of O’Hare International Airport, cradled between I-290 and I-355. The new I-390 Elgin O’Hare Tollway extension is set to enhance Itasca's connectivity, providing seamless access to O’Hare's west side.


The village's business-friendly ecosystem is evident, housing esteemed names like Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. and Knowles Electronics. The active Itasca Chamber of Commerce further amplifies its dedication to a thriving business landscape. Recognitions have poured in for Itasca—be it BusinessWeek's nod as the best affordable Illinois suburb or accolades for community volunteering with the Governor's Home Town Award.


With top-rated schools, award-winning parks, and a consistently engaged community, Itasca effortlessly merges the joys of living, working, and playing. A testament to why it remains one of the nation's most coveted places to call home.

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9. Hoffman Estates - The Modern Suburban Oasis


Ranked ninth on our list is the vibrant city of Hoffman Estates, where the median single-family home sales price stands at an appealing $331K. Situated comfortably in Cook County, Hoffman Estates brims with the legacy of a town that transformed from rural simplicity to contemporary sophistication. 


With its present population of 52,153, Hoffman Estates emanates a dense suburban aura, highlighted by a rich tapestry of restaurants, coffee nooks, and lush parks. Both families and spirited young professionals call this place home, creating a dynamic that leans slightly liberal.


Peek into its past, and you'll discover the vision of Sam Hoffman, a pioneering construction magnate. It was his foresight in the 1950s that morphed this once-agricultural hub into an urban marvel, laying the city's foundation brick by brick. 


Today, the legacy is evident: from the city bagging six Governor’s Home Town Awards for trailblazing programs to its top-notch educational establishments and employment avenues. A vivid demographic mosaic paints the town: 50.1% White, 25.9% Asian, and traces of other ethnicities, all coexisting harmoniously. With a median age of 37.9 and a median household income of $89,666, Hoffman Estates thrives as a haven for families and young professionals. 


The city boasts a crime rate that's a commendable 61% below the national mean and a modest poverty rate of 4.48%. Hoffman Estates stands as a testament to suburban excellence, promising an unmatched lifestyle that melds history, modernity, and community.

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8. Schaumburg - The All-Season Wonderland


Landing in eighth place on our list is the enchanting Schaumburg, where homes come with a median sales price tag of $295K, perfectly nestled between Cook and DuPage County. The village paints an idyllic picture with an urban-suburban blend, making it a top choice for those seeking the best in Illinois. Whether you're drawn by serene parks that resonate with the sounds of nature or the bustling vibes of baseball games and shopping sprees at the illustrious Woodfield Mall, Schaumburg promises experiences that last all year round.


Home to an impressive 130,000 residents, Schaumburg is a gem in the western suburbs, boasting a tapestry of top-notch amenities that one would expect from a larger city. Although it may not be highlighted on every list of Chicago's best, those in the know recognize its allure. The village presents an urban feel, punctuated by the impressive skyline views of towering edifices. But it never loses its suburban charm, offering everything from upscale dining locales to cherished family-owned establishments.


And for shopaholics? Schaumburg is a paradise. The village hosts the second-largest mall in Illinois, catering to every taste with stores ranging from Apple to Sephora, and Whole Foods to Macy's. For families keen on putting down roots, Schaumburg's educational institutions, parks, and amenities stand out, offering a quality that rivals the best. With the average home pricing comfortably below Chicago's mean, a plethora of housing options awaits, from chic condos to spacious single-family residences.


To top it all, as Illinois's second-largest economic hub, Schaumburg is the beating heart of job opportunities. With industry leaders like Zurich, Mitsubishi, and Meta Health calling it home, the village promises both a vibrant lifestyle and thriving career paths.


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7. Northfield - The North Shore's Crown Jewel

Positioned at number seven on our illustrious list, Northfield, with its median single-family home sales price of $710,000, is the embodiment of suburban elegance just outside the magnetic pull of Chicago. Located in Cook County, Northfield extends a serene suburban allure, underscored by its coveted sparse density. The village, with its 5,853 residents, effortlessly fuses cosmopolitan amenities - restaurants, coffee shops, and verdant parks, with the tranquility often sought but seldom found. An attractive destination for retirees, Northfield exudes a balance, with residents displaying a refreshing blend of moderate political views. The top-notch public schools further enhance the village's reputation.


With its rich tapestry of culture and convenience, Northfield is a haven for those who cherish both privacy and an easy-going pace. The village's ethos seems to echo the sentiment of being comfortably ensconced amidst nature, while staying seamlessly connected to life's essentials.


A closer look at Northfield's demographics reveals its unique charm. With a predominant white populace, the village boasts a healthy median household income and impressive home values. Established in 1926 and spanning over 3.23 square miles, Northfield is an integral part of Cook County, seamlessly woven into the fabric of New Trier and Northfield Townships.


Accessibility remains one of Northfield's prime attractions. Be it the close proximity to the expressway, a mere 20 miles to the vibrant Chicago Loop, or a short 14-mile commute to O'Hare International Airport, Northfield promises connectivity without compromise.

In Northfield, every day feels like a blend of history, luxury, and modern convenience - truly a gem on the North Shore.


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6. Mount Prospect - A Suburban Oasis Near Chicago

Ranked at #6, Mount Prospect seamlessly blends the convenience of city life with the tranquility of suburban living. Positioned strategically in Cook County, this village is a mere 4 miles from the renowned O'Hare International Airport and just 20 miles from the bustling heart of downtown Chicago. Residents revel in the excellent connectivity offered by the Metra Commuter Rail Union Pacific Northwest Line and PACE Bus Service. Imagine being just a 35-minute drive away from the myriad attractions of Chicago's downtown!


Safety stands paramount in Mount Prospect, with the village boasting an admirable safety score of 66. This means that this haven is safer than a staggering two-thirds of American neighborhoods, presenting an assuring cocoon for families.


Here's what truly makes Mount Prospect sparkle:

  • Celebration of Diversity: Mount Prospect thrives on its rich cultural tapestry. Every year, the village congregates for the Celebration of Cultures at Kopp's Park. Attendees are treated to a myriad of languages, soulful music, immersive cultural displays, and a gastronomical journey that tantalizes taste buds!

  • Educational Excellence: Prospect High School is the crown jewel of the Mount Prospect educational landscape. With an outstanding 8/10 rating on and recognition as one of Illinois's best from, it exemplifies academic dedication. The Mount Prospect School District consistently emerges as the top choice for discerning students and families.

  • Shopping & Recreation: Whether it's indulging in retail therapy at the Ranhurst Village Shopping or basking in the natural splendor of Friendship Park Conservatory, Mount Prospect ensures that leisure is never a stone's throw away.

  • Value for Money: With a median sales price of $362,000 for a single-family home, Mount Prospect offers homes that are not just structures but lifelong investments. Given its multitude of amenities and strategic location, this pricing offers unbeatable value.

  • Community Hubs: The local library serves as a nexus of learning and community engagement, ensuring that knowledge and camaraderie go hand in hand.

Mount Prospect isn't just a place to live; it's a community to belong to, a school of experiences, and a home that promises warmth and memories.

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5. Barrington - Charm Meets Suburban Serenity

Coming in at #5 is the elegant suburb of Barrington, located just 30 miles from Chicago. This sophisticated community boasts a wide variety of homes, including numerous multi-million-dollar properties, making it a sought-after destination for those with a taste for luxury. With top-rated schools and a safety score that would make any resident proud, Barrington offers both security and a high standard of education.


The heart of Barrington is its historic downtown. Here, you'll find a blend of old-world charm, represented by Victorian homes and landmarks like the Octagon House and the Catlow Theater, and modern vibrancy with delightful dining options such as Shakou Sushi Bar and Francesca's. Whether you're sipping coffee at the beloved Conscious Cup Coffee or exploring chic boutiques, there's always something to captivate your interest.


Barrington is also renowned for its lush green spaces and parks. Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the numerous parks and nature preserves that dot the landscape. Citizens Park, Langendorf Park, and the many nature preserves provide ample opportunities for recreation and relaxation.


Real estate in Barrington is as diverse as its community. From charming homes in the village listed around $1.1 million to sprawling estates in Barrington Hills with equestrian facilities and private drives priced upwards of $3 million, there's a slice of luxury for everyone.


For those who crave an elegant countryside ambiance with the amenities of a sophisticated urban setting, Barrington might just be the perfect fit. It's a place where history, nature, and luxury converge to create a unique suburban experience.

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4. Buffalo Grove - A Perfect Blend of Community and Convenience

Nestled approximately 30 miles northwest of downtown Chicago, Buffalo Grove clinches the 4th spot on our list. A thriving village with a population of 43,212, it stands as a beacon of safety, academic excellence, and innovative community planning.


Buffalo Grove's forward-thinking shines through its Lake Cook Corridor and The Clove projects, aimed at fostering sustainable mixed-use communities and creating a bustling downtown vibe. Such initiatives highlight the village's commitment to enriching the life of its residents today and in the future.


For families, Buffalo Grove is nothing short of a dream. With a plethora of parks, recreational areas, and varied athletic programs, it caters to individuals of all ages and interests. The village's emphasis on childhood development programs further solidifies its reputation as an ideal family haven.


Education is a crown jewel in Buffalo Grove. Renowned institutions like Adlai E. Stevenson High School and Deerfield High School are in close proximity, ensuring the very best for the younger generation. 


Impressively, Buffalo Grove offers this superior academic environment while maintaining an affordable median home value of $366,000. This presents a stark contrast to its pricier neighbors, Deerfield and Lincolnshire, thus making it an enticing choice for families who prioritize both quality education and financial prudence.


Diversity is another feather in Buffalo Grove's cap, with a notable Asian community making up 24% of its population. This cultural blend enriches the village's atmosphere, offering a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.


In essence, Buffalo Grove harmoniously melds affordability, academic excellence, innovative planning, and cultural diversity. This potent mix establishes it as a prime choice for those in pursuit of a holistic suburban experience near the northwest part of Chicago.

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3. Arlington Heights - Suburban Sophistication


Securing the 3rd spot on our list is none other than Arlington Heights, often affectionately dubbed "Action Heights" for its vivacious spirit. This bustling enclave stands proudly as the largest community in the United States to bear the title of a village.


The charm of Arlington Heights is palpable. Its bustling downtown, infused with character, regularly plays host to myriad events, fostering unity and community spirit. The village boasts top-tier schools, making it a magnet for families. Adding to its allure is a crime rate that's consistently lower than the U.S. national average, and a cityscape adorned with enchanting residential architecture.


Convenience is key in Arlington Heights. The village is situated a mere stone's throw from Chicago, making city jaunts a breeze, whether by a quick drive or a leisurely Metra ride. Furthermore, its proximity to O'Hare International Airport, a mere twenty-minute drive away, offers accessibility without the hassle of disruptive plane noise. With major thoroughfares like I-90 and I-290 nearby, connectivity is seamless.


Shopaholics will find themselves spoilt for choice. The revamped Arlington Town Square promises a blend of retail escapades and culinary delights. But the allure of Arlington Heights doesn't end there. Entertainment thrives here, from cultural amenities to delightful wining and dining opportunities.


Recent developments, like the Bears' acquisition of a property within the village, hint at even more excitement on the horizon for this thriving community of roughly 75,000 residents.


In sum, Arlington Heights artfully marries the thrill of action with the comfort of small-town charm. Discover the magic of this village, where homes come at a median value of $400,000, and find your perfect suburban sanctuary.

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2. Libertyville - A Quaint Slice of Freedom

Nestled comfortably in our list at number 2 is the picturesque Libertyville, Illinois. A cornerstone of central Lake County, Libertyville has flourished as an established residential hub, historically known for serving as a central market and service center.


Schools of excellence mark the landscape of Libertyville, making it a preferred choice for families. And for those who treasure outdoor life, Libertyville unfurls a lavish tapestry of over 500 acres of parks, replete with scenic lakes, robust athletic fields, ice-skating rinks, serene flower gardens, picnic hotspots, sled hills, and much more. To add to this, over 8 miles of bike paths weave through Libertyville, effortlessly merging with the grand Lake County system.


Location-wise, Libertyville is enviably placed. A mere 37 miles separates it from the bustling heart of Chicago, while the tranquil shores of Lake Michigan are just 7 miles to its west. These attributes ensure residents get the best of both worlds: the vibrancy of city life and the calm of nature's embrace.


The heartbeat of Libertyville lies in its historic downtown. A treasure trove of over 85 diverse restaurants, cozy cafes, and lively pubs await exploration, ensuring there's something to suit every palate. And, throughout the year, this downtown district is alive with events that bring the community together in celebration.


For those seeking connectivity, the Metra line stands as a reliable ally, bridging Libertyville to Chicago and the surrounding suburbs effortlessly.


In essence, Libertyville, with its median home value of $525K, offers a harmonious blend of top-notch education, a rich tapestry of green spaces, a lively downtown, and unmatched connectivity. This all comes together to create an unparalleled suburban living experience, making Libertyville not just a place to live, but a community to belong to.

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1. Deerfield

Topping our list at the coveted number 1 spot is the illustrious Deerfield, Illinois. This gem of a community effortlessly combines the allure of top-tier education, unparalleled safety, thriving businesses, and the calming embrace of nature.


Deerfield is a sanctuary for families prioritizing safety and education. Its exceptional schools set the bar high, while the low crime rates further reinforce the sense of security cherished by its residents. With a robust population of over 18,000 and a median home sales price for single-family homes at $530k, Deerfield's stature as a prime residential locale is undeniable.


But Deerfield's charm doesn't stop at its residential appeal. The community doubles as a corporate hotspot, housing an array of esteemed corporate headquarters. This dual identity ensures a pulsating economic heartbeat, paving the way for a prosperous lifestyle for its inhabitants.


The natural splendor of Deerfield is a sight to behold. Being cocooned by verdant forests and sprawling farmlands, residents are perpetually in the lap of nature, a mere 25 miles north of Chicago's bustling core. For those craving a touch of the serene waters, Lake Michigan's tranquil shores are conveniently close by.


The downtown pulse of Deerfield adds to its magnetic allure. The Deerfield town square, brimming with boutique shops and an eclectic mix of eateries, beckons locals for delightful culinary and retail experiences. And for those in pursuit of seamless connectivity, the Metra ensures that commuting is a breeze, connecting Deerfield to Chicago and other neighboring suburbs.


In sum, Deerfield is a masterpiece of suburban living, blending the best of education, safety, business prowess, and Mother Nature's artistry. This harmonious meld ensures that Deerfield isn't just a place to reside – it's a community to cherish and celebrate.


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In wrapping up our exploration of the top Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, it's evident that each locale offers a unique blend of educational excellence, safety, natural beauty, and economic vibrancy.


Whether it's the bustling energy of "Action Heights" or the tranquil embrace of Deerfield's forests, families and professionals alike are spoiled for choice when seeking a fulfilling suburban lifestyle. If you're contemplating a move or simply wish to experience the charm these communities offer, now is the perfect time. Dive into the heart of these suburbs, engage with their communities, and perhaps, discover your next dream home. 

Make the move today – a world of unmatched suburban allure awaits! If you need any help navigating the real estate market, don't forget to reach out. We are real estate agents ready to make your move a reality. 

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