Cost of Living in Naperville

We’ve covered the delights of this leafy western suburb in many of our blogs and videos to date, so its no secret that Naperville has a lot of great things to offer its residents. But you might not know how much it costs to live in Naperville and how this compares with other parts of the wider Chicago area. 

What is the cost of living in Naperville? The average home income in Naperville is $127,648, which classifies it as upper middle class. The median home sale price is also significantly higher than Chicago's at $574,802 compared to $300,100.

For those of you who are considering moving to Naperville but need to take a closer look at the numbers before you commit to moving, this blog got you covered. Join us as we take a deep dive into the all-important areas of finance, including home prices, utility costs, and property taxes. 

Let’s get started. 

Average Rent Cost in Naperville

As you might imagine, in such a desirable city as Naperville, the prices you see for renting a home are towards the upper end of what’s available in the wider Chicago area. But with high-quality housing, great schools, exceptional amenities, and a great community feel in the suburb, you definitely get value for money. Here’s how rental costs in Naperville shape up compared with a range of suburbs in other parts of Chicagoland.

Data from

As you can see, rental prices in Naperville are comparable to a number of other areas in the city. They are towards the top end of what’s available in this part of Illinois, but they’re not the most expensive and certainly not as eye-watering as in the super-exclusive suburb of Oak Brook

And within Naperville, this average price of $1516 per month sits in the middle of a range of prices depending on the kind of property you’re looking for. For example, according to data from, if you were to rent a home within the bustling center of Naperville, you would pay an average cost of $1518 for a one-bedroom apartment and $2550 for a three-bedroom place. 

But if you wanted to rent a one-bedroom apartment outside of the city center, the average price you’d be looking at paying would be more like $1245 a month, or $1968 for a large three-bedroom apartment.

So it’s always worth shopping around when it comes to renting a home in the area and keeping a list of your priorities in mind. 

Even with the strong demand and high housing costs we’ve seen in recent years, it’s still possible to get a good deal, and Naperville is no exception to this.

Average Home Cost in Naperville

average home cost in naperville

The cost of buying a home in Naperville has gone up significantly over the years, but this is no different from any other Chicago suburb. Here’s how home costs in the area compare with other parts of the metropolitan area. 

Data from

As you can see from the stats, the cost of buying a home in Naperville is similar to prices in other popular parts of the city, such as Wheaton and Downers Grove. It’s towards the upper end, but you won’t have to fork out the kind of money that you would in Oak Brook or Glencoe, where the average price of a home has been pushing a million dollars. 

At an average cost of $416,700, purchasing a home in Naperville is a big investment. But for the chance to live in a beautiful part of the city with a thriving community, fantastic schools, and a safe and attractive environment, it could be one that’s well worth making. 

If you are interested in purchasing a home in Naperville and expect you’ll need a mortgage, consider getting pre-approved by your lender. That way, sellers will see you as a more attractive buyer, and you’ll be in a better position to negotiate a good deal on the home you want.

Transport Costs in Naperville

Once you’ve made yourself at home in Naperville, you’re going to want to get out and about and enjoy the city, and you might need to commute to work. Let’s look at the costs involved in getting from A to B in the suburb.

You might want to have the flexibility of commuting to downtown Chicago by car. If so, you’ll want to know what your fuel costs are going to be from Naperville. Here’s a table showing just that. 

For this calculation, we’ve assumed that you’ll be traveling in a car with average fuel consumption of 25 miles per gallon and that you’ll be commuting for 21 days a month. Also, it’s based on the cheapest available gas price in the suburb as of the end of May 2022, which was $4.95 a gallon.

Obviously, all of these factors are variable, but if you are thinking of commuting by car from Naperville, you will be looking at a rough monthly fuel cost of around 250 dollars. This compares with a cost of 190 dollars from Thornton or 100 dollars from Evanston, suburbs which are closer to downtown Chicago but not quite as desirable.

On top of the fuel cost, you might have to factor in parking fees in downtown Chicago. The average monthly cost you’d be looking at paying for that would be $190.

But maybe you’ll be living within a reasonable distance of the Naperville Metra station on East 4th Avenue, in which case it might be convenient for you to commute into Chicago by train. Here’s a look at the relevant fares based on taking the train to Union Station. 

As you can see, the monthly pass on the Metra is cheaper than the total cost of driving, but you won’t have the same flexibility. This is something to think about when choosing where to live in Naperville.

As for getting around the suburb, Pace operates its buses on a number of regular routes. The standard regular fare for these journeys is just 2 dollars.

Or maybe you prefer the privacy of a taxi, in which case you should expect to pay around $1.25 per mile. 

That just about rounds up transportation costs in Naperville, a well-connected suburb where you’ll have plenty of options when you’re looking at getting out and about.

Utility Costs in Naperville

No special factors in Naperville make the utility costs any different on average from anywhere else in the wider Chicago area, especially as the rates can be determined by state or national providers. Naperville has winter as they do in Downers Grove and summer as they do in Schaumburg, and of course, the cost will differ from property to property, factoring in size, age of the building, and general energy efficiency.

However, it’s worth noting down the average utility costs when planning financially for a possible move to the suburb. On a monthly basis, for electricity, water, heating, cooling, and garbage disposal, you’d be looking at paying something like $175, and that’s for an apartment that’s 915 square feet. 

On top of that, you’d want to factor in the cost of your home WiFi. In Naperville, this comes to an average monthly price of around $53, which is somewhat lower than the average for the wider Chicago area. 

Food Prices in Naperville

The other absolute necessity in life that none of us can do without is food. And just as your utility costs will depend on the specific conditions of your home, your food costs will obviously depend to a large extent on your tastes and lifestyle choices.

Some of you will want to be out in downtown Naperville, enjoying the nightlife and sampling its restaurants' delights. You’ll surely want to visit places like Fogo de Chão, an upscale eatery where you can experience the churrasco grilling tradition of southern Brazil. A decent meal here can easily cost at least $60 ahead.

Or maybe you want to go out and enjoy yourself but prefer something a little more down-to-earth. In that case, you could try somewhere like Lou Malnati’s pizza joint on West Jefferson Avenue. Here you can get a pizza and drinks for two for something like $30.

Or perhaps you prefer the simpler life and will be on more of a budget, cooking your meals at home. Whatever your specific lifestyle, it’s good to get a general idea of grocery prices in Naperville. We’ve listed them out for you here, and you’ll be pleased to know they are generally slightly lower than the wider Chicago average.

Tax Rates in Naperville

As the famous Benjamin Franklin saying goes, there’s nothing certain in this life ‘except death and taxes, and this truth can be avoided no more in Naperville than anywhere else.

As a decent law-abiding resident of the suburb, you’ll pay a number of indirect taxes on things you buy in the shops and elsewhere.

These include a 1% tax on food and beverages, a 5.5% tax on a night in a hotel or motel, and a 7.75% tax on retail items. Also, the City of Naperville collects 4 cents for every gallon of gas purchased in the district.

But the most significant tax which you will have to pay as a resident in the suburb is the property tax. And as this is levied on a county-by-county basis, it’s worth looking at a table of property tax rates from a few counties, including DuPage and Will, which the city of Naperville is split between.

Here you can see that the property tax rate payable in Naperville is in the region of between 1.71% and 2.05%. This means that, depending on the assessed value of your home, you might pay something like $5000 dollars annually. 

It’s important to bear this significant cost in mind when looking at the finances of a move to the suburb. 

Another thing that’s good to know is that Illinois cities use a flat income tax system. This is currently levied at 4.95%, regardless of the amount of money you earn.

Childcare Costs in Naperville

If you’re lucky enough to have a young family, one expense that you might need to factor in is childcare. 

Many variables affect childcare costs, but as a general rule of thumb, prices tend to be higher in more densely populated areas. This means that the average cost of childcare in Naperville is higher than somewhere like Aurora, but it’s lower than in the Chicago metropolitan area generally.

Of course, you will want to choose the right childcare for your child and their needs, but the kind of price you might be paying in the suburb will start at something like $200 per week. 

Depending on your income, it’s also worth remembering that you could be eligible for a childcare subsidy to help cover the cost. 

Regardless of what you end up paying, you’ll be comforted by the child-friendly feel of Naperville, which, as we noted, has been ranked as the number one place to raise a family in America.

Entertainment and Recreation in Naperville

When it’s time to let your hair down after a hard week, you won’t be disappointed with what’s on offer in the bustling downtown Naperville. There’s a great mix of bars, clubs, and restaurants here where you can enjoy the finer things in life. 

Perhaps you’ll want to head to the Old Town Pour House on Freedom Drive, with its fantastic selection of over 90 unique craft beers to choose from. Or maybe you prefer the vibe of the Bottom Up Sports Bar & Grill, with its wings and tacos and 20+ flatscreen TVs showing the big game. 

Whatever you decide, you’ll find that the going rate for a pint of draught beer in Naperville is around $5, or a dollar more if the beer is imported. And as we noted above, a mid-range bottle of wine costs around $10.

If you want to go catch the latest movie - at the popular Hollywood Palms cinema, say - you’ll be able to buy evening tickets for $11.50.

And if you feel like getting in shape and want to join a local gym, you’ll find, on average, that memberships cost around $28, which is lower than the Chicago average.

Ready to Move to Naperville?

Regardless of your lifestyle and your specific budget, we hope we’ve given you a good idea of the cost of living in the popular suburb of Naperville. We’ve also covered this city's best sides in our Naperville community spotlight. 

Whether you’re looking at renting or purchasing a home, it’s always best to take a detailed look at your actual expenditure and get your finances in order before taking the plunge and moving. 

As life-long locals of the western suburbs, we consider ourselves to be experts on the area. If you need any help weighing up your options before moving out to the beautiful city of Naperville, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

Whatever you decide, we hope you’ll be happy and in the best financial health in your new home.

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