Best Coffee in the Chicago Suburbs

World-class coffee vendors are not only found in the metropolis of Chicago itself but also dotted in and around its suburbs, including Elmhurst, Naperville, St Charles, Geneva, and Wheaton. You can find locally roasted blends, home-baked goods, and exquisite latte art that put these neighborhoods firmly on the map for the best coffee in the suburbs. 

Read on to find your new favorite place to grab a cup of joe on the go or to tuck into a cozy corner with a book for a couple of hours.

What are the best coffee shops in the Chicago suburbs?

5. Brewpoint Coffee, Elmhurst

Don’t leave Elmhurst without visiting at least one of the Brewpoint Coffee houses. There are three to choose from, thanks to Elmhurst being one of the more proximate suburbs of Chicago (less than 20 miles away). Brewpoint spotted a match made in heaven between their irresistible coffee and the frequent coffee culture folks passing through this suburb.

Brewpoint bills itself as a community coffee shop with a relaxed ambiance and free wifi. Enjoy their home-roasted coffee and locally-made gluten-free pastries from Holcomb Hollow and West Town.

And no great coffee shop would be complete without the good company of friendly locals and excellent service. They recently updated their menu, so it’s worth a revisit if you’re already familiar with this highly-rated establishment. 

4. Arcedium Coffeehouse, St. Charles

This fashionable cafe offers specialty coffee, freshly baked pastries, and light food in a stylish and cozy environment. The historic downtown is nestled right up against the Fox River making a 40 mile trip out of Chicago more than worthwhile. When the weather is nice, you can get your coffee to go and enjoy it on a stroll along the scenic river trails. 

Arcedium is well known for warm and friendly welcomes, with relaxed ambiance and staff giving their recommendations if you don't know what to order. The cafe has a wrap-around bar, similar to a diner, where you can sit and watch while your drink is being made. Whatever you end up with is guaranteed to be fresh and flavorful.

Our personal recommendation? Try the Breve Latte with a filling croissant (choice of almond, chocolate, or raisin). If late in the day, you're still at Arcedium, indulge in their Roast Beef Panini – roast beef with cream cheese on white bread.

3. Cafe and Barr, Geneva

Cafe and Barr has a family-friendly ambiance but their coffee selections are suitably grown-up. Enjoy anything from a cold brew to a matcha latte, each served with thoughtfully curated mugs and cups. Think camping-style enamelware for hot chocolate and summery highball glasses for lattes. 

And when you're still lingering there for lunch, tuck into their filling and simple pick-me-ups, like bagels and toast with everything on them. It’s simple, honest, and delicious; if you’re with the family, you can’t go wrong at Cafe and Barr. 

Another incentive to stop by Cafe and Barr is that Geneva has one of the most highly rated downtowns in the Chicago suburbs. Complete with a beautiful riverfront, historic shopping district, and more than 160 local restaurants, boutiques, bars, and stores, why not make an afternoon of your trip? 

2. Sparrow Coffee, Naperville

If you are a certified urbanite with an appetite for everything modern and updated, you will love  Sparrow Coffee down in Naperville. It’s a high-end coffee spot where enthusiasts can drool over the coffee paraphernalia and tech while sipping artisanal coffee in a chic designer setting. This is coffee nerdmanship at its very best. 

mong their curated selections are the Hot Red Eye, the Batch Brew, and the Cafe Au Lait. Frequent customers know to pair them with the well-loved Banana Streusel Muffin or the geeky green-themed Avocado Toast with smoked gouda and smashed avocado, Aleppo pepper on Publican Quality Bread.

Some customers who are not coffee drinkers confess that they come here for the food, like the Tofu Banh Mi (marinated tofu with pickled vegetables and jalapeños) and the Brekky (tender pork belly with soy glaze and fried eggs). But you’d be wise not to disclose your caffeine aversion on arrival, or you might just find yourself shunned in this coffee-lovers paradise. 

1. My Half Of The Sky, Wheaton

As well as serving some of the best coffee, My Half of The Sky might just be the comfiest, cutest cafe outside of Chicago. They serve signature blends in a farmhouse-style setting, nodding to their beans sourced ethically from fair-trade farmers. They meet high standards of environmental and social responsibility, summed up in their motto ‘shop local, care global’. 

That's quite an inspiring story for you to absorb as you sip your expertly extracted and sublimely balanced coffee. With twenty-four hot coffee offerings and nineteen iced coffee variants, you’ll find everything from your usual suspects to drinks you won’t get anywhere else (lavender vanilla latte and peppermint bark mocha are some of the most creative on the bill). 

Their signature espresso blend is rich and complex, with meltingly delicious aromas of butterscotch, dark chocolate, and praline. The deep and silky amber crema will warm any sleepy afternoon with its sweet, caramel finish.

So, if you find yourself in Wheaton with the sudden urge for your daily Java, head to My Half of the Sky to perk yourself up with tasty bean blends, balanced palettes, and of course, just the right dose of caffeine. 

Want to know what else is good in the suburbs? 

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