Best Chicago Suburbs For Commuting Downtown

Living in the big cities is considered a wonderful experience. This is geared by different aspects like culture, arts, energy, and fantastic food.

Living in these cities is never for everyone due to the predicament involved. Remember, there are expensive parking, traffic, and expensive housing, among other costly things. The suburbs benefit tremendously being close to the big cities, boasting every service offered in the big cities, and at reasonable prices.

The good thing is that despite your preferred suburb destination, Chicago will always be a short car or train ride away. But prior to addressing the best Chicago suburbs for commuting downtown, do you have one in mind?

Basically, there are several suburbs in Chicago, grouped as North suburbs, west suburbs, south suburbs, northwest suburbs, and southwest suburbs. Each suburb boasts its unique amenities, attractions, corks, and demographics, making it challenging to choose the one that best suits your needs. This piece, therefore, seeks to address the best of western suburbs in Chicago you can consider choosing.

Best of Western Chicago Suburbs

Western suburbs are commonly referred to as the “New England of the Midwest”. It is a great area to live, work, and play. People love western Chicago for its fantastic lakes and parks, clean boulevards, business districts, amazing tree-lined homes, and lively downtown. If you considered living in the western suburbs, here is a list of some of the suburbs with an easy commute to the city of Chicago. 

7. Addison

Previously recognized as Dunkley’s Grove, Addison is a village found on Salt Creek. Its zip code is 75001, and the average commute time to Chicago is estimated to be a 25-minute drive and 46 minutes by train. The area is safe to live in due to the local ordinance protecting it to promote health, safety, and the welfare of its residents.

If you consider this location, you will enjoy services like garbage pickup, food pantry, right management policies, special events, administrative adjudication program, branch pickups, stormwater management, rental programs, and a devoted police department.

This area is loved for its culture and art, cultural and economic diversity, and historic preservation and interest. 

6. Batavia

Batavia is a great little-sized city you should consider living in. Its zip code is 60510 and the average commute time to Chicago is a 44-minute drive. The area has a population of 26,420 individuals and up to five constituent neighborhoods.

Batavia is also a safe place for families with kids due to several top-rated schools, both private and public. The area also boasts a 150-acre park, adjoining thousands of forest reserves. This offers a great opportunity for playing and recreation.

Is that all? Well, the area allures you with stone buildings decorated around the downtown pathways. Windmills are still exhibited for people to see.

5. Carol Stream

Established 40 years ago, Carol Stream is a fast developing village you may want to live in. Its zip code is 60188 and the average commute time to Chicago is a 39-minute drive. One of the best reasons to consider living in this place is the thriving businesses across all industries.

In fact, the area was credited as the 21st certified city in 1986 for integrating all aspects that enhance high-quality living standards for the residents. Similar certification was awarded in 1991 and 1993 after engaging in the industrial retention initiative.

4. Oak Brook Terrace

oakbrook terrace tower

If you are looking for recreation and a fun place, then Oakbrook Terrace is a one-stop solution. It offers marvelous places like Drury Lane Theater, several five-star restaurants, and other areas ideal for cultural, sports, and recreation activities. The town is also based near Clarendon Hills; a fascinating place you’d love to frequently visit.

Another great thing is the school system in this area. It provides access to outstanding private and public schools. There is still local entertainment, which boasts everything from casual dining and restaurant to top-notch designer shops.

You will also find many exciting and fun taverns and bars with cheap drinks specials. If you want to reside in Oak Brook Terrace, then its average commute time is approximately a 28-minute drive.

3. Elmhurst

If you’re after the very best of Chicago in the west suburbs, Elmhurst offers exactly these and more. Sitting on a pretty 10.306 square miles, Elmhurst is ideal for family, education, and general life. Elmhurst center has a great variety of restaurants and shops for every taste.

The suburb has a fast-growing economy and plenty of job opportunities to accommodate. If your priority is to be close to the city this is the place. Look out for apartments near downtown for an easy commute to the city via train or car.

Elmhurst is still a center of cultural heritage for its residents and visitors. It is just a 25-minute drive to Chicago.

2. Glen Ellyn

Occupying approximately 24 miles, Glen Ellyn is one of Chicago’s most preservative suburbs that hosts more than 30,000 people. Its average commute time is approximately 56 minutes by train and a 32-minute drive. The suburb is characterized by clean streets, affordable apartments, and good transport systems. For the riders, the Illinois prairie path sets the pace for cycling.

Since its beginnings in 1833, Glen Ellyn has increasingly advancing recreational facilities. The Main Street Recreational Center is a great place to be with family. The Ackerman Sports center and the Sunset Pool Aquatic center have for a long time attracted visitors into this village.

From a cultural point of view, this suburb boasts of founding novels, among them the popular “A Girl Who Owned The City” by O.T Nelson. Yearbook TV series and Lucas movie, among others, were also set in Glen Ellyn.

1. Hinsdale

If you’re looking for Chicago’s best suburb with some of the most renowned architectural works, look no further. This village is part of the National Register Historic District. Apartments in Hinsdale are exclusive and affordable, allowing for all classes of individuals. This fast-growing spacious community has all amenities including workout facilities, schools, hospitals, and more.

For families with young to middle-aged children, Hinsdale has a collection of primary and secondary schools. Elementary schools include Madison School, Oak School, Monroe School, and The Lane school. Opened in 1893, the Hinsdale Public Library situated at Memorial building’s west wing complements the educational institutions in the suburb.

The average commute time to Chicago is 26 minutes by train and a 39-minute drive. While it's quite easy to commute to Chicago from Hinsdale to work, you might find it a bit interesting to look for a job in the suburb as there’re numerous fast-growing businesses found throughout the suburb.

Hinsdale brings through several recreational facilities including the Community swimming pool and Veek Park center. You could also take a walk at the Katherine Legge Memorial Park, or fascinate your eyes with the scenic beauty of Chicago from Brush Hill.


In a nutshell, there are several surprising places you want to live in and get an almost similar experience with Chicago. You are the one to decide your final place of residence because each suburb has its unique offers from social amenities, security, attractions, living standards, to job opportunities, among others.

If you have already identified the best suburb, don’t forget to engage a real estate agent. Reaching out to a reputable real estate agent help ensure the right home in the ideal location

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