Why Does Chicago Require Conduit For Homes?

In most American cities, conduits are commonly used in commercial and industrial building projects, while flexible, non-metallic cables are more widely used on the residential level. But unlike other US residential construction markets, the Chicago metro area has an entirely different approach. The Chicago Electric Code makes it mandatory to use steel conduit raceways in all Chicago homes.

The use of metallic conduits in residential wiring have a couple of benefits:

· Safety: Insulation for conduit-encased wiring is protected from rodents and nails that can easily cause electrical fires

· Easy upgrades: Conduits allow for easy rewiring to support more electrical appliances during…

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Best Day Spas in the Chicago Suburbs

Months of hard work will take its toll on anyone, so sometimes you need to take a spa day. Sweating in a sauna or a relaxing massage can be the perfect remedy for pent-up stress and tension.

Or, if your skin is dry and irritated, you could opt for a rejuvenating facial.

Spas offer other luxurious amenities such as body wraps, waxing, dermaplaning, etc. If there’s a salon included with the spa, you can go for trendy new hairstyles, retexturing, or color.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re on the hunt for a stellar day spa in the Chicago suburbs. We’re counting down our picks for the absolute best spas throughout Chicagoland. Whether you’re north, west, east, or south of the city, there’s a spa on this…

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5 Best Seafood Spots in Chicago's Western Suburbs

Sometimes nothing hits the spot quite like a seafood dinner. If you're looking for the best seafood spots in Western Chicago, you're in the right place. Naperville and surrounding areas are ripe with legendary seafood restaurants. In fact, there are so many choices that it may seem a tad overwhelming.

Fear not because we're here to break down your top choices in the area. We're listing our top 5 picks for the most elite seafood restaurants in Chicagoland's western suburbs. It wasn't easy to choose only 5, but we've picked the best of the best.

So if you're ready to enjoy a buttery lobster meal or some crab cakes, don't wait to check out our list.

#5: Seasons 52

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How Many Chicago Suburbs Are There?

Chicago is, according to almighty Wikipedia, one of the 40 largest urban areas in the world, a place close to 10 million Chicagoans call home. Because of this Godzilla-like size people often confuse the city, its neighborhoods, and the suburbs, losing the notion of where they are. If that sounds like you, worry not because you are in the right place; we’re about to sort it out together.

There are approximately 100 suburbs in the Chicago Metropolitan Statistics Area. It spans over 15 counties and 3 states WI, IN, and IL. They cover a surface of 17,400 square miles. Although this is almighty Wikipedia hard data, it isn’t shared by all Chicagoans or official institutions.

That is the short answer to a…

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The Best Ramen in Chicago Suburbs

Ramen is a coveted traditional Japanese dish that's perfect for any time of day. Due to its popularity, ramen houses are almost everywhere, including in Chicago's suburbs. Slurping up a hot bowl of silky noodles and seasoned broth is a tasty and quick way to spend a lunch break.

If you're craving ramen around Chicago, there is no shortage of options. In some cases, there are ramen houses on every street corner.

It can be a bit difficult to find the perfect spot for you with all the options. That's especially true considering the modern diversity of ramen dishes.

Are you after vegan-friendly ramen, or do you go crazy for bowls with corn and fried chicken?

Either way, you'll want to know where you…

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