6 Best Sushi Places in Naperville

"There ain't no better sushi than Naperville sushi." How does that sound for a tagline? Let's find out why it is more than a potential tagline. Naperville is a city in DuPage and Will counties. While this info is not directly related to sushi, it proves to you and me that their sushi is so good that it spreads across two counties. Whether you are a foreigner, a local, or just someone lost in search of the perfect sushi, below is a guide to the 6 best sushi places in Naperville.

Shinto Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Lodge

shinto japanese steakhouse

Shinto is the number # 1 Japanese restaurant in Naperville. As a customer, you are treated to a fantastic Shinto experience that includes a well-prepared sushi meal. Their Japanese and sushi are the most common in Naperville, qualifying them for the top position in our review list. 

That aside, Shinto Japanese is the best in Naperville when it comes to sushi rolls and sushi bars. Their sushi gives you the best fish on land and sea. You can get them in the standard rolls of 6 pieces per order or custom order 8-10 rolls.

You also have an option for teriyaki and hibachi dinners straight from the grills! 

What's more? The whole meal prep is entertaining in your eyes: flames dancing, eggs flying, and sushi meals. Fortunately, it is also vegan-friendly if that's your thing. 

Shinto is perfect for a sushi fan and leaves customers satisfied while craving for more.

Wild Tuna Contemporary Sushi

wild tuna contemporary sushi

Wild Tuna Contemporary Sushi is among the best in Naperville for Japanese cuisine. The cozy atmosphere and efficient staff make your sushi meals worth the effort and time. Wild Tuna Contemporary Sushi provides an a la carte menu for your convenience. 

The restaurant is small, quaint, and local, making it perfect for a sushi date. They are notorious for their premium sushi at reasonable prices. The cocktails are always crisp and on point. For a unique taste experience, ask for their best-recommended item on the menu. Just like a good and considerate restaurant is, Wild Tuna Contemporary Sushi is vegetarian-friendly.

Chicago has never seen such a unique sushi spot, with Japanese and Asian cuisines as well. It is almost like a hidden gem but with easy access. 

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Kiku Japanese Steakhouse

kiku japanese steakhouse

Tasty mouthwatering unique sushi. Kiku Japanese Steakhouse is arguable among the best Naperville Japanese food spots. The sushi is good, right from preparation. The chef can be lively and dramatic, entertaining with the tricks, flips, and making the food to the highest standard.

Order the Kiku Rainbow Sushi Roll for a sweet sushi experience in Naperville. Why leave without trying their delicious tempura, gyoza, bluefin salad, chocolate lava cake, and ice cream? The interior decor is superb, welcoming lighting, and most importantly, absolutely courteous staff.

Sushi + Rotary Sushi Bar

sushi rotary sushi bar

Whether you love or hate sushi, Sushi+ is not a place you would want to meet. It is a conveyor belt sushi restaurant, but ultimately the best among the rest. The restaurant uses fresh ocean fish to provide all its customers with first-class fresh sushi and sashimi. 

Sushi+ offers fantastic dessert options, yakitori, and cocktails. The traditional sushi is delicious-feel free to try the spicy crab maki, tamago mentai nigiri, or anything with sake.

Everything is fresh, flavorful, and distinct. The whole conveyor belt concept makes it the best Naperville sushi spot for you and your friends or with your date. 

Blue Sushi Sake Grill

blue sushi sake grill

Blue Sushi Sake Grill is definitely among the best in Naperville when it comes to Japanese cuisines. You are welcomed into a great ambiance that is enjoyable outside. The atmosphere is warm, making customers feel too relaxed.

While in that relaxed mood, go ahead and sample their tantalizing sushi, tasty melon soup, curry chips, and cashew chicken. Treat yourself to their sweet Belgian chocolates, watermelon salads, and butter cakes. 

If that's your guilty pleasure, wash it down with delicious martinis, cold, pale ale, or wheat beer. At this point, try their excellent chocolate frappe, iced green tea, or fruit tree. Never miss the opportunity for the best sushi spot in Naperville.

Sushi Naper

sushi naper

"The food is amazing; you would want to go twice," an online review. 

Sushi Naper chefs make their food from scratch using over 200 ingredients in their open-source kitchen. There is no luck when it comes to preparing their sushi to be as delicious as it tastes. 

The salads are made with fresh, hand-chopped vegetables then tossed with their personalized dressings. They use fresh-baked ciabatta bread and inspired signature spreads to make their delicious sandwiches. 

Lest you forget the main reason you walk in there, their sushi is something to live for. Sushi Naper chefs focus all their effort on ensuring you get the tastiest experience. They have unique special rolls to satisfy your appetite. 

Whether you try the Mexican, New York, Chicago fire, Blue Sky, or torched dragon, Sushi Naper will be a favorite sushi spot in Naperville. 

Bottom Line

Everyone needs good sushi in their lives. It is never too much to ask for the best sushi spots. However, if you find them, case in point, the top seven sushi spots in Naperville listed above, do not shy from visiting. It might turn out to be the best sushi you ever had for Christmas, birthday, anniversary, or a typical Friday in Naperville.

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