5 Reasons To Move To Naperville

For many reasons, Naperville has been named the best place to live in America! This blog post will share with you the Top 5 Reasons to Move to Naperville and one reason not to! Naperville is a great place to call home, from our award-winning schools to our thriving economy!

Read below, where we cover everything that makes Naperville what it is today!

Reason #1 Schools and Education

Naperville is served by Public School Districts 203 and 204. Naperville is currently ranked the #1 city for public schools in America, with some of the best and brightest education institutions to choose from. With world-renowned education, Naperville’s mission is to give every child the very best opportunity to succeed — no matter what corner of the city you choose to live in. 

If you aren’t a family or a young person, then perhaps this factor doesn’t make number one on your list. But there’s much to say about living in America’s number one destination for public schools. 

Buying a house in a good school district is still a smart idea. When the schools are desirable, homes tend to hold their value better in down markets and appreciate more in good times.

Conventional wisdom tells us many factors people use when determining where to buy a home. What is the most important aspect for people when selecting a new home? You don’t have to be a genius to figure this out… location, location, location.

A school district, or even a single school within it, can increase demand for a certain area. Anyone you ask will tell you that a strong district and outstanding schools can impact house values by as much as 10% over a neighboring area.

Reason #2 Some of The Best Places to Eat

If you love food like me, Naperville is well worth considering.

With more than 250 restaurants to choose from, Naperville is a playground for foodies. Whether you’re looking for upscale, cozy, fusion, or fast, there’s a bite for everybody.  And the best part? You don’t have to venture into Chicago for a good meal. Restaurants like Meson Sabika, Sharkos BBQ, and Santo Cielo are all located in Naperville.

I usually stop at one of the numerous ice cream shops in the downtown area after a meal. It's difficult to decide since there are so many, but I recently went to Ben and Jerry's, which was fantastic!

Restaurants aren’t the only places to have a good time in Naperville. The city is also home to various bars and pubs, perfect for unwinding after a long day. I like to head over to Quigley’s, Quiuubo, or Catch 35 Naperville for a good drink and even better company.

Reason #3 The Vibrant Downtown

 My family and I personally love downtown Naperville. It’s the perfect mix of old and new, with a charming small-town feel. You'll feel like you've been transported to another era when you enter Naperville's downtown.

Downtown is home to an array of unique shops, restaurants, and businesses — many family-owned and operated. The Riverwalk is one of my favorite places in Naperville. It's a beautiful place to take a stroll, have a picnic, or go for a run.

Most of us only have one or two days off each week to enjoy ourselves, so, amazingly, many people choose to spend them in Naperville. It has something for everyone, with over 50 restaurants and bars spread around the picturesque location around the DuPage river.

We’ve heard some people say that Naperville used to have more independent outlets – this might be true, and there are certainly a lot of national favorites in the suburb these days. But from time to time, who doesn’t love or need Barnes and Noble, Pottery Barn, or Sephora? 

Reason #4: Green Spaces and Parks

Recently I have been enjoying exploring new paths with a nice walk or run to begin my day, and in Naperville, there are plenty of places to take a peaceful stroll. With over 130 parks totaling more than 2600 acres, you’ll never get bored of the great outdoors here.

Naperville is excellent for outdoor spaces, both urban and natural.

However you like to spend time outdoors, Naperville’s Park District has something to offer everyone. The district manages over 2,499 acres of green space, including 136 parks, four-sport complexes, two golf courses, the riverwalk, a centennial park, a centennial beach, and five forest preserves. And if you’re looking for something a little more structured, the Park District also offers over 1400 programs and events throughout the year.

Some of my favorites include Knoch Knolls Park, its scenic views and walking paths, Springbrook Prairie, and the famous river walk!

We can’t overstate how many outdoor activities there are to do here.

Reason #5: Wide Variety Of Housing

When I consider purchasing a home, the first thing that comes to mind is what kind of lifestyle I want. There are communities for every taste in Naperville, from family-friendly subdivisions to the exciting downtown and luxurious condo developments.

Today, Naperville features a wide range of designs, pricing options, and locations. The city covers almost 40 square miles and extends north past I-88 as far south as 111th street. In the last 30 years, Naperville real estate has seen a tremendous growth spurt, with new subdivisions and rebuilds attracting home buyers from all around the Chicagoland area.

Naperville can be divided into three sections North, Central, and South. 

Naperville offers plenty of options if you’re looking for a family home. The neighborhoods around Naperville North High School and Neuqua Valley High School offer great schools and a suburban feel. Downtown is perfect if you want to be in the center of the action while still having a tight-knit community feel.

Downtown is an attractive location to reside in Naperville, with a diverse range of restaurants and bars. Many of the new luxury condominiums in downtown provide excellent services, walkability, and public transit while offering pleasant nightlife outside your door.

If you prefer a little more room, Naperville has numerous appealing subdivisions and planned communities.

Reason Not #1: Traffic/Parking

With parents on their way to school and workers traveling into Chicago, Naperville gets clogged up. Unlike quiet towns, you're not only getting the flow out of the village and into Chicago, but you're also receiving a lot of people who come into Naperville to work in downtown shops and restaurants or at Edwards Hospital shifts.

It's not just about traffic; the suburb's spread is also a factor. Naperville is sometimes called a metropolis because its size offers a lot to do. It also implies that getting around might take time, depending on where you reside. And if you don't have a car, getting from one side of town to the other could be quite the challenge. Public transportation does exist, but it's not as widespread as in Chicago.

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