5 Best Mexican Restaurants in Chicago’s Suburbs

Sometimes nothing hits the spot quite like a taco or quesadilla. That rings true even if you're in the deep-dish capital of the world. Pizza, steaks, and seafood are great, but Mexican food is in a league of its own.

Luckily, Chicago is no slouch in this food department, either.

There are plenty of delicious and authentic Mexican restaurants strewn throughout Chicago.

If you want to find the best Mexican restaurants around Windy City, you've come to the right place. We're counting down our top 5 picks for the best Mexican food in Chicago suburbs - so stay tuned to learn more.

#5: Fat Rosie's Taco & Tequila Bar


If you're entertaining your kids at the children's museum in Frankfort, Fat Rosie's is an excellent spot to get lunch. Fat Rosie's Taco & Tequila bar is a staple of the suburb, and it has an ideal location.

It's an authentic Mexican restaurant that has many rave reviews for its tacos, fajitas, and more. They're also renowned for their quick, attentive service and fair prices.

You'll love their bar if you just got off work and are craving some Mexican food and tequila. There's a wide variety of cocktails available, including margaritas.

The Menu

Here's a glimpse at some of the authentic menu offerings at Fat Rosies:

  • Steak Tacos

  • Chicken Tacos

  • Fish Tacos

  • Salmon Poblano

  • Pollo Al Chipotle

  • Rosie's Nachos

  • Torta Cubana

During my visit, I couldn't wait to try the nachos. It's often the first thing I order at a Mexican restaurant, and it helps me gauge the overall quality. Rosie's nachos nailed the presentation, flavor, and texture. They came out loaded with creamy queso, ground beef, sour cream, and pinto beans.

For the main course, I'm also a sucker for fish tacos. I prefer corn tortillas, and Rosie's were incredible. The tacos had grilled Alaskan salmon, which was delicious.

#4: Bien Trucha

bien trucha

Next, we have the fabulous Bien Trucha in Geneva. It's not far from the public library, so it's a great stop on the way home if you've been studying. The interiors are quaint, authentic, and welcoming. There's also a bar, and they whip up some tasty margaritas with original recipes.

When browsing reviews, you'll notice a recurring theme; the fantastic service.

Bien Trucha knows how to do sit-in dining the right way. Their servers are friendly, knowledgeable, and very attentive. If you aren't sure what to order (as I was), they'll be more than happy to make recommendations.

The Menu

Here's a sample of the menu items at Bien Trucha:

  • Signature Bien Trucha Tacos

  • Panza

  • Pastor

  • Guacamole Tradicional

  • Elote Dip

  • Ceviche De Atun

  • Pescado Tacos

Whenever I arrived at Bien Trucha, I wasn't quite sure what to get. I decided to ask my server, and he made a killer recommendation. I wound up having the Guacamole Tradicional - which was honestly some of the best guacamole I've had. The chips were also thick, crunchy, and warm.

I had shrimp tacos with a side of street corn. The shrimp was perfectly cooked, and the tortillas were warm and crunchy. The street corn was among the best I've had, as it was creamy, rich, and a bit spicy.

#3: A Toda Madre

Are you in search of a more fine-dining experience for Mexican cuisine? If so, you'll want to head over to Glen Ellyn to dine at A Toda Madre. It's a highly-rated Mexican restaurant with gorgeous interiors and a fine-dining atmosphere.

It's the type of restaurant that's sure to impress a first date. The interiors are modern, luxurious, and filled with authentic style.

As far as the food goes, they boast fantastic attention to detail. Each dish is prepared with a high level of care and love. They also strive to use the freshest ingredients possible, and that's readily apparent. The food here is fresh, looks stunning, and tastes even better.

You don't have to venture far to find rave reviews for this spot online. In addition to the food and atmosphere, they also have a great selection of cocktails, beer, and wine.

The Menu

Here are some of the most-ordered dishes at A Toda Madre:

  • Bien Trucha

  • Esquites

  • Chilango Tacos

  • Pollo Tacos

  • Pescado

  • Pescadillas

  • Papas (sides)

  • Churro Bites

The restaurant is vegan-friendly, which is a plus if you crave Mexican but don't want to eat meat. During my visit, I was interested in trying out their Elote Dip to start things off. As stated before, I'm very much a nacho person - so I always look for something similar.

It came out with crispy chips, fresh cilantro, roasted corn, and grilled onions. I have to say, it was pretty delicious, although I would have loved some queso to go with it.

I wanted to mix things up with the tacos, so I went with a vegan option. I chose fried avocado tacos, and I do not regret my decision. The tacos were crispy, well-seasoned, and filled with zesty flavor despite the lack of meat.

#2: Altiro Latin Fusion

It's time to go back to Geneva for our #2 pick, Altiro Latin Fusion. They excel at Latin American cuisine, and they also do tapas/street food. It's another ritzy spot that evokes a fine-dining atmosphere. If you want something a little more complicated than tacos, visit this spot in Chicago.

Reviews online have nothing but amazing things to say about this gem of a restaurant.

The service is stellar, the presentation is fantastic, and the service is exemplary. If you're a fan of beautifully-plated food, you will love Altiro Latin Fusion.

The Menu

Here are a few of their most coveted menu offerings:

  • Al Ceviche

  • Al Chilango Tacos

  • Al Raviole Tapas

  • Ala Barbacoa Tapas

  • Al Vegetal Taco

I was impressed from the moment I entered Altiro Latin Fusion. It's a fabulous building with excellent indoor and outdoor seating. I started with the Al Ceviche, which was delicious Tilapia in a crunchy tortilla. It was marinated in lime juice, red onions, and more, and it was fantastic.

I was in a bit of a BBQ mood, so I went with the Ala Barbacoa Tapas. The slow-braised lamb was supple and highly delicious.

#1: Maya Del Sol

Last but not least, our #1 pick goes to Maya Del Sol in Oak Park. This location has incredible food, excellent service, a beautiful building, and cocktails. It's in the heart of Oak Park, one of Chicago's safest and most desirable suburbs. Maya Del Sol has it all, whether you're craving tacos, Latin American dishes, or street food.

The interior decoration features authentic Latin decor - and it's a sight to behold. It's worth checking out this spot for the atmosphere alone. Luckily, everything else does not disappoint.

The Menu

Let's take a look at some delicious offerings from Maya Del Sol:

  • Carne Asada

  • Ropa Vieja

  • Blackened Fish Tacos

  • Enchiladas

  • Tamales

  • Cochinita Pibil

  • Calabaza

  • Scallops

I was thrilled to see nachos on the menu at Maya Del Sol, so that was the first thing I ordered. They were, by far, the best nachos I've had in Chicago, bar none. They had mango-braised beef, excellent cheddar cheese, scallions, jalapenos, and more.

I went with Blackened Fish Tacos, and they blew my mind. The tortillas were so fresh that I could smell the corn. The fish was blackened to perfection, and I loved the cabbage.

Closing Thoughts

Any of the restaurants on this list will satisfy your cravings for Mexican cuisine. Whether you're in Oak Park, Geneva, or Glen Ellyn, great Mexican food is never too far off in Chicago. 

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