Living In St Charles: A historic town with the best of modern living 

The city of St Charles, IL, proves that you don’t have to travel far from Chicago to get a taste of old-world Midwestern charm. Named “The Pride of The Fox”, this quaint suburban town grew up on the banks of The Fox River, where it was first founded almost 200 years ago. The railway was a little late to arrive here, which kept this community in their bubble for longer than other settlements. Perhaps that’s why it still feels so peaceful and full of historic atmosphere today. 

St Charles is made up of a historic central district with a riverside downtown, all of which is surrounded by a few dozen miles of upscale suburban housing. It’s considered a city and leaves little…

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What It's Like Living in Lake view

Are you considering moving to Lakeview, Chicago? Then you’re in for a treat! Lakeview is one of the most popular and vibrant neighborhoods in Chicago, with tons of great activities and amenities, and it is family-friendly.

From the bustling nightlife to the diverse cultural attractions, Lakeview has something to offer everyone with beautiful views of Lake Michigan. In this blog post, we’ll take an in-depth look at what it’s like to live in Lakeview.

We’ll cover everything from the types of homes that are available, the local restaurants and shopping, to the different parks and recreational activities. We’ll also discuss the pros and cons of living in the neighborhood and what you can expect from…

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Discover the Joys of Living in Wheaton

Wheaton is a city that has seen great changes over the last decades, transforming the town into one of the most desirable of the Western suburbs of Chicago. 

Newcomers are often surprised to discover that the Mayberry town of Wheaton was a dry city until 1985, with not a drop of liquor sold in any of the city’s supermarkets, convenience stores, or restaurants. Today, however, Wheaton is anything but a dull place to live, having seen a boom in business and real estate development since the 90s. 

The downtown is packed with fantastic local businesses, including the skinniest popcorn shop you’ve ever seen, and a weekly open-air market overflowing with fresh fruits, vegetables, cheese, and baked…

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Living in Glen Ellyn-Experience the Best of Both Worlds 

For anyone considering buying a home in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, this village can be neatly summed up in 5 words: ‘The best of both worlds. At just 6.93 square miles it has the close-knit feel you would expect in a village of this size, yet its residents enjoy all the amenities of the big city. It boasts vibrant retail, entertainment, arts, and hospitality, side by side with no less than 29 parks, a wildlife center, and the beautiful Lake Ellyn. 

It is a place that proudly preserves its historical roots, as seen in the Main Street Historic District while embracing ambitious and sustainable development for the benefit of the whole community. The people of Glen Ellyn take full advantage of…

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The Best of Living in Geneva

If you thought a city couldn’t be quaint, charming, warm, and welcoming, then you’ve never been to Geneva, IL. It is a small but spectacular city situated in the western Chicago suburb of Kane County IL. It’s without a doubt one of the best places to raise a family and enjoy life in Illinois, and not to mention one of the most instagrammable. 

Geneva is part of the tri-city area along with Batavia and St Charles and is within easy reach of Chicago, less than an hour to the east along I-88 and I-290. The small town that grew up alongside the beautiful Fox river has blossomed into a prosperous, vibrant community boasting a population just shy of 22,000 people over 10 square miles. 

You could say that it…

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Is La Grange IL a Good Place to Live?

When I was considering moving to a new suburb in Chicago, the first thing I wanted to know was what it’s like; whether it’s safe, affordable, and would cater to all the needs my family has.

Though there are plenty of websites with data on the western suburbs, sometimes you need somebody with first-hand knowledge to answer – is La Grange IL a good place to live? 

La Grange IL ranks among the best Chicago suburbs to live in and is highly rated for safety, schools, and family life. It has a small, dense population of 16,321 and lots of amenities. The downtown offers over 80 retail and dining outlets and a 25-minute metra connection to Chicago. 

That’s the short answer. In this article, I’ll…

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Living in Oak Brook - What You Need to Know

Oak Brook is a suburb that wasn’t simply built – but designed. Much thought has gone into providing a refined and modern suburban experience, making this village a haven for anyone who enjoys the finer things in life. Most of the suburb’s residents are here to stay, no doubt thanks to their easy access to all the luxuries of modern life; fine dining, golfing, shopping, hiking, and travel. Unsurprisingly, many young people are outbid to live in this glamorous suburb and almost 40% of the population are retirees. 

The suburb literally has food, nature, shopping, and convenience at its center. Right through the middle of Oak Brook, you have route I-88, Oak Brook Centre, Salt Creek, forest preserves,…

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Living in Western Springs

Fifteen miles west of the loop is the nationally recognized award-winning village of Western Springs. Originally named for its local mineral springs, it is the last known Cook County campground of the Potawatomi.

Soon after, a large number of Quaker settlers moved into the area. Many Quakers had deeds that prohibited the sale of alcohol and so the city has been a DRY city since the 1800s, until most recently when a few restaurants began serving alcohol.

“Living in Western Springs is as if living in a Hallmark movie,” said one Western Springs resident.

The village of about 13,000 residents offers the quintessential small-town feel while being only minutes away from the third-largest city in the…

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Best Neighborhoods In Naperville

Have you been Looking for a new place to call home? Are you wondering what the best Neighborhoods are in Naperville, Illinois? We compiled a list of our top 5 best neighborhoods in Naperville, Illinois!

These neighborhoods are sure to please, with beautiful homes and plenty of amenities. Whether you're looking for a quiet suburban oasis or a neighborhood with more activity, you'll find what you're looking for here. To view all available homes for sale in Naperville, Click here!

White Eagle Subdivision

white eagle golf club

White Eagle is located south of 83rd and west of Route 59 and is considered one of the most prestigious subdivisions in all of Illinois. It’s no wonder why, with its winding roads, gorgeous homes,…

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Living In Elmhurst - Explore the Community, Places to Go & More 

The motto of Elmhurst is “close to everything, unlike anything”. But what does that really mean? To the many families, students, and young professionals who call Elmhurst home, it’s a reminder that they don’t live just anywhere. 

Elmhurst is a city that has it all — both the big offerings and the small details that make the difference. It’s a college town, a job-market metropolis, a leafy green haven, and the cultural center of DuPage. Between the community events, places to go, restaurants, shopping, and outdoor spaces, you’re unlikely to run out of things to do. But if you did, Chicago is no further than a 30-minute ride on the Metra or a 25-minute drive. 


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