The Best Malls in the Chicago Suburbs

Are you looking forward to a day of luxury shopping in the best malls outside Chicago? If so, you're in luck, as Chicago's suburbs are home to some incredible shopping malls.

Whether you want to discover a quirky new independent shop or want to grab dinner and catch a movie - the malls of Chicago have something for everyone.

Yet, you may not know where to go to find what you want due to the sheer volume of malls in the area.

That's why we've compiled a list of the five best malls in easier on you. Whether you're north, south, or west of the city - you aren't far from one of the malls on this list. Also, we've categorized each mall for what they do best. (luxury brands, quirky wares,…

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The Best Sushi in Chicago Suburbs

Chicago might not be known for its sushi, but visit any of the restaurants we've included on this list and they'll have you thinking it should be! The fish makes its way to the restaurants from some of the world's very best fish markets, making Chicago's sushi taste like it's fresh out of the ocean.

The sushi scene is thriving and the city is full of first-rate restaurants that range from the more traditional to thrilling fusion. This article provides our top 5 best picks for sushi around the city's suburbs, keep reading to find out more.

5. SEN Sushi Bar, Oak Park

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Stylish vegetarian-friendly sushi spot with top-notch cocktails

The stylish yet relaxed…

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Best Breakfast Spots in the Chicago Suburbs

If it’s early and you plan to run errands in Chicago’s suburbs, a hearty breakfast is necessary. A loaded omelet with hash browns and a cup of coffee will provide you with the energy you need for your day. The same is true for pancakes, waffles, brunch spreads, etc.

Chicago is a massive place with many sprawling suburbs.

If you don’t already know a five-star spot to get breakfast, it could be lunchtime until you find a place to sit and eat.

That’s why we’re providing our top picks for the best breakfast spots in Chicago’s suburbs. Whether in Naperville or Arlington Heights, this list covers the entire spectrum. Read on to discover the best breakfast restaurant near you.

#4: Egg Harbor Cafe

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Best Wings In Chicago Suburbs

Chicago suburbs have lots of things to look for and to see. It's always nice to be able to touch grass and to enjoy cozy local festivities in a calm neighborhood. However, at ne point, you will crave some hot wings to get you through your day.

We've selected some of the best wing restaurants that you may be able to find in the suburbs of Chicagoland, IL.

4. Chicken Lit Tenders & Wings

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Chicken Lit is a new spot in the community, but it had already made a buzz. The staff here is extremely friendly and provides some of the juiciest chicken around. They've learned a number of different approaches and techniques for preparing chicken wings.…

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