How Are Realtors Paid In Illinois?

How are Realtors Paid In Illinois? Real estate agents are paid on a commission basis, usually 5-6% of the property’s sale price, often split between the buyer’s agent and the listing broker.

A real estate agent in Illinois, is paid, depending on the home sale price. Most people are motivated to get a real estate license by the impressive amount of money they can make in the real estate sector. But, in reality, a Chicago real estate agent makes money by earning a commission or a sale percentage when they help an individual sell or purchase a property.

Check out this guide below to understand how Illinois real estate agents are paid.

How does a realtor get paid when buying a house in Illinois?

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Best Coffee in the Chicago Suburbs

World-class coffee vendors are not only found in the metropolis of Chicago itself but also dotted in and around its suburbs, including Elmhurst, Naperville, St Charles, Geneva, and Wheaton. You can find locally roasted blends, home-baked goods, and exquisite latte art that put these neighborhoods firmly on the map for the best coffee in the suburbs. 

Read on to find your new favorite place to grab a cup of joe on the go or to tuck into a cozy corner with a book for a couple of hours.

What are the best coffee shops in the Chicago suburbs?

5. Brewpoint Coffee, Elmhurst

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Don’t leave Elmhurst without visiting at least one of the Brewpoint Coffee houses. There…

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10 Chicago Suburbs with the Best Downtowns

There are plenty of cool suburbs of Chicago, but which have the best downtowns? If that's a question you've been asking yourself, then you're in the right place. We're here to count down the best Chicago suburbs with downtowns for your convenience.

That's because we know how much of a selling point a vibrant downtown area can be for homeowners.

Sure, Chicago has a downtown, but it's massive and often out of the way of many suburbs. You can't beat a quaint suburb with a stellar downtown filled with great restaurants and entertainment. Read on to learn our picks for the top 10 best suburbs of Chicago with downtowns.

#10: Glen Ellyn

This idyllic suburb lies 25…

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Best Restaurants if Money is No Object in Western Chicago Suburbs

You just got paid, your stomach is growling, and it happens to be your birthday. It's the perfect trifecta for splurging on an indulgent meal to celebrate.

If you're in a similar situation in the western Chicago suburbs - you've come to the right place.

We're counting down the top 5 best restaurants on the west side - regardless of price. These establishments are unique, provide an impeccable atmosphere, and are worth every penny. So if you're ready to let loose and celebrate, get prepared to discover the finest restaurants in the area.

#5: Meson Sabika

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Our first pick brings us to Naperville on the west side for some…

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